Mapua seaside village: enjoy walking and cycling

October 2011. Mapua just keeps on getting better - now there is the Mapua Ferry running from the Wharf to Rabbit Island. Just 3.5km from Corru Gate, you can have a coffee and dine at the Wharf - for example at the wonderful Jellyfish Cafe and Bar - or explore the art studios and then catch the ferry over to the beaches and walking/cycling tracks on the island. This is part of the Great Taste Cycle trail which goes from Nelson to Mapua and beyond via inlet margins, countryside and beaches. From Corru Gate you can continue cycling past olive groves, vineyards and rolling countryside to nearby wineries like Neudorf or Woollastons and cruise to historic towns like Upper Moutere (Sarau).

You can hire from local provider Wheelie Fantastic Cycle Hire. Nicky and Lisa, who created this business, stayed at Corru Gate for 3 months - they will deliver and pick up from Corru Gate and provide a complete cycle hosting service.
To complement Nicky and Lisa's business, Corru Gate have electric bikes as well as a child cycle trailer. Electric assist push-bikes are WONDERFUL - just like ordinary bikes but they have an extra bit of push for that easy touring around the vineyards and cycle trails or towing the kids in the cycle trailer (Roger commutes to Nelson on an electric bike!)