A short tour around the farm at Corru Gate

September 2010 Should I be shooing the wood pigeons away from the plum blossom? Oh, the dilemmas we face in life...

Check out the video here to get a sense of the farm at Corru Gate - the views, the orchards, the playground, the animal life, the entranceway to the cottage. It has been a warm and inspiring spring so far. The water slide is yet to be laid out, the sheep are due to be shorn - but the chooks are full-on laying.

Spring brings beautiful days for biking in the local countryside and beach walks hint at a lovely summer to come. Mapua seaside village is waking from its winter slumber and the wharf is buzzing with visitors dining or coffeeing at Wharfside (now Jellyfish), sampling a boutique beer at Golden Beer Brewery, and browsing Mapua Country Trading, Forest Fusion Functional Art, or Le Havre. video